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We’re here to connect you to some of the best that public radio has to offer every day. To events in your city, so we can keep the conversation going. And to like minds all over the country, so we can make more stories of our own.

We’re a collective of curious minds—creative leaders, compassionate activists, and thoughtful critics. We know that every bit of knowledge we put in our brains makes us better. That the more dots we collect, the more we can connect. And that the why is more important than the what.

We’ve built this space to feed that curiosity. To listen, experience, and connect.

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Our ears are powerful tools. They allow us to take in the world and connect with others. For years, NPR has brought you compelling stories. Now it’s your turn to share yours. Add your voice to our project using #WhyListen on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Listening lets us do what we’re here to do: connect to one another.

- @MFKellerman

Listening is the gateway to learning.

- @GoodBerger

Listening makes you a better human. It expands your brain, grows your heart and feeds your soul.

- @azita

If it were not for listening, there would be no change.

- @kristenzublin

Listening reminds of us of the lullabies and stories we used to fall asleep to each night.

- @ShiraAbramowitz

In the Moment

See what’s happening with other Gen Listeners around the country. Meetups, events, and other news.

  • Not-to-be-missed NPR stories!

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    If you’re a true NPR fan, then you probably have a Pavlovian response to the StoryCorps intro music (cue the tears).

  • A New York Driveway Moment

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    In the spirit of #WhyListen Wednesday, here are some NPR listening recommendations from Generation Listen advisory board member Anneke Jong.

  • StoryCorps is going global

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    StoryCorps releases an app that moves the storytelling experience from a mobile booth to a mobile device.

  • Old Books and New Friends

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    Generation Listen KC teamed up with the Young Friends of Kansas City Public Library for a book and public radio lover’s dream: reBound.


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Meet our brain trust. They’ve brought their passion for NPR, entrepreneurial spirit, and know-how to help bring our mission to life.

  • Audrey buchanan

    Audrey Buchanan

    Creative Producer + Moderator

  • Eric kuhn

    Eric Kuhn

    Marketing & Business Development, Layer3 TV

  • Sophia bush

    Sophia Bush

    Actress, Director & Spokesperson

  • Sam friedman

    Sam Friedman

    Ceo & Co-Founder, Parkme

  • Amanda slavin

    Amanda Slavin

    President & CEO, CatalystCreativ

  • Allen gannett

    Allen Gannett

    Founder, Track Maven

  • Amy benziger

    Amy Benziger

    Managing Director, Love Social

  • Azita ardakani

    Azita Ardakani

    Founder, Love Social

  • Anneke jong

    Anneke Jong

    VP of Strategy & Marketing, Reserve

  • Dustin bramell

    Dustin Bramell

    Strategic Partner Development-Entertainment, Facebook

  • Fabian pfortmueller

    Fabian Pfortmueller

    Co-Founder, Holstee

  • Erica berger

    Erica Berger

    Media Entrepreneur

  • James elbaor

    James Elbaor


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